We have described to you in 6 parts the decisive reasons for the implementation of TeamGrid. Here is a summary:

Everything started in late 2013 with our great frustration regarding project management software. We were desperately looking for an app which makes our agency business more transparent and is easy to use. Sadly none of the existing apps met our requirements.

The idea of the task grids
Eventually we were so frustrated that we grabbed a sheet of white paper and pencil. The intension: now we scribble the perfect user interface for a project management platform. The resulting “tasks grid” had captivated us because it was vastly superior to the existing apps in terms of usability and overview.

Thoughts on telephony
In our agency nothing worked without telephones. Therefore, we thought about how we could integrate our telephony in a smart way. Our dream: finally getting rid of the terrible user interfaces of PBXs and stationary phones. We experimented and have found that we can create something great.

Time tracking is a “pain in the ass”
To be successful with an agency, time tracking is indispensable. At the same time it is also a “pain in the ass” – you need it, you use it and you hate it. So we had to find a solution on how we can make time tracking much smarter and experimented with an indoor RFID iBeacon network. The result: time tracking stops automatically as soon as one leaves the desk for a few meters.

Experiments with voice control
We have asked ourselves whether there are interfaces beside a web app and apps for mobile devices for a project management software. The idea: an intelligent voice assistant, which really earn the name assistant.

The big picture of the “smart office”
As we now considered all our experiments in the overall picture, we noticed that we would actually develop not only a project management app, but rather the Smart Office.

In 2015, we have laid the foundation

In 2015, we have developed the foundation for TeamGrid. TeamGrid is already probably the most transparent and intuitive project management app to use with a large variety of functions.

We are pleased that TeamGrid has become for hundreds of teams from over 20 countries the central point for organizing tasks and projects. The TeamGrid Analytics app supports especially agencies to always obtain an overview of revenues, costs and profits.

Our plan for 2016

This year we will further expand the capabilities of TeamGrid and add the mosaic around the Smart Office further along.

On the one hand we are planning many extensions for the TeamGrid project management. In January 2016 and we will introduce the TeamGrid “Shared Projects” and our first draft of the Team Grid API.

From Q2 / 2016 we will proceed with the themes of the Smart Office.

– Integration of the telephony
– The “Places app” for managing the rooms in your office
– Mobile apps for iOS, Android, as well as Android Wear and WatchOS
– Team Grid iBeacons
– Amazon Echo app
– tvOS and FireTV app

We are looking forward to an exciting 2016.