Smart Integrations

Automate your workflow. Connect your apps with TeamGrid.


Get notified about everything. Right into Slack.

Personal notifications

With our new Slack integration you can receive your personal TeamGrid notifications in Slack. Just connect your Slack account with TeamGrid and receive your notifications via the TeamGrid bot as direct message.

Slack Channels

Connect any TeamGrid activity stream (e.g. for projects, contacts, tasks or your global team stream) with a Slack channel of your choice. So you will never miss important news. 

Zapier Workflows

Create automated workflows with hundreds of apps


Frequently asked Questions

Which apps are supported by Zapier?

Zapier supports more than 500 apps. Please have a look in the Zapier Directory to get more information about supported apps.

How can I create a Zap with TeamGrid?

Just click on the “Make a Zap” button and start the configuration process. Zapier gives you a great documentation to help you creating individual Zaps with TeamGrid.

Important: you need to use our invite link because our Zapier integration is still in beta.

Zapier needs an TeamGrid API-key. Where can I find it?

To start with your first TeamGrid Zap, you need to create an TeamGrid API token. Just open your TeamGrid and click on the settings icon in the upper right corner. Now choose “Developer” on the left side navigation and create your first TeamGrid API token. After you have created the token, you can copy and paste the token over to Zapier.

Will TeamGrid build own integrations for popular apps?

Absolutely. We have huge plans to make TeamGrid to your productivity hub. Within the coming months you’ll see many 2-way sync integrations for Trello, Asana, Jira, GitHub and many more apps.

Can I build my own integrations?

We’ld love it! Just use our API with dozens of read and write endpoints. We’re also offering webhooks. To get more information please visit our TeamGrid Developer Hub.