We know that you do your work with pride and joy. We have taken countless measures to protect your work from prying eyes. All your data is transmitted to us over an encrypted SSL connection. And if you should wish to share your projects with others, we protect your links with a strong password protection.

We do not save any credit card or bank information.

We never save your credit card or bank data. For your TeamGrid payments, we work together with leading industry partners such as Wirecard Bank. Your payment information is transmitted solely over a secure SSL connection, and, with Wirecard, handled in fulfillment of strong PIC requirements.

TeamGrid is there when you need it.

TeamGrid’s data center is state of the art and secure. The data center does everything in its power to ensure that our platform – and above all your data – remains protected. If a problem should arise with the server system, there is no reason to panic. We have a 365-day, 24/7 master contract with a 15-minute SLA. If necessary, any problem can be dealt with immediately.

We never stop working to improve our product.

Software can be boring as well as a security risk if it is not further developed. Our software is regularly updated at great effort. In this way we ensure security as well as an optimal availability.

We view ourselves as obligated to do all we can to guarantee TeamGrid’s security. We work with security experts from all over the world in order to continuously adopt the newest security technologies. If you have discovered a security-relevant bug which you think we should know about, then please contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.

Concerns about security?

Talk about it with us. We will gladly give you very detailed information regarding our security concept, and tell you in detail which measures we are taking to ensure your data’s security.